Hi! I'm Ishan!

Currently I study Computer Science at Monash University.
Cricket, programming, photography and sometimes cooking keep me busy!


Some of my work that I've been involved with...

Allocate+ to Google Calendar

Made to convert university timetable so it can be imported into calendar software


A website that can easily convert english into boolean expressions.


Easily access Monash University timetable, compare timetable with friends to find free time to hangout at uni and make notes together with your peers.

FTC Scouting App

App made to scout other teams in the First Tech Challenge Robotics competition

Get it on Google Play


A website created to educate elderly on getting smart with digital devices


A list of my notable achievements till date...

Google Code In Finalist

Made it to the finalist stage of the Google Code In compeition in my first year of participation

Attended Supercomputer Conference (14)

Thanks to generous contribution by University of Queensland, I was lucky enough to attend the World Supercomputer Conference

About Me

I'm fascinated by computers, people and the implications computing can have on everday life. Improving quality of life through computers fascinates me. Throughout my high school journey I've been into computers and cricket alongside getting squashed by the demanding IB Programme.


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